Our partners and affiliates are accomplished leisure entertainment veterans with a wide variety of experience to draw upon to add value to our clients’ endeavors. We have two primary categories of support. One is to assist developers to transfer their vision for new leisure entertainment facilities into reality. The other is to support existing operations looking to expand; improve performance; recruit new staff; enhance entertainment value for patrons; or position venue(s) for sale. Our network is wide and long. We know where to find the best talent available in the market most well suited to deliver the vision based upon size and scale of our clients’ endeavors. Our Mission:  Assist our clients in creating safe, successful, entertaining and well-planned, properly managed leisure environments    which deliver world class service. Introduce industry experts as required to impart practical experience and knowledge to each client in the spirit of team building and education Know and understand industry trends and their impact on every segment within the leisure industry Develop and make available a network of respected contacts who offer quality and affordable products and services Ensure that the highest standard of quality and professionalism are planned and integrated throughout the entire project Be culturally aware and sensitive to key considerations in the personality profile of each unique location to integrate operations into the community in a wholesome, harmonious manner About Us © 2011 Leisure Consultants LLC - info@leisure-consultants.com - +971 (0) 7243 3164  - Design by SPDC.biz Help is just a phone call away! Theme Parks Waterparks Resort Attractions Retail Entertainment Sea Life Attractions