Mtatsminda Park Republic of Georgia   Development oversight, coordination and Operational Management of  fifty hectare former Soviet Union green Park into a themed amusement park. Attractions Thirty rides and attractions, plus all new retail shops, food venues and live entertainment shows. World Wide Experience Our principles cut their teeth working in various management roles in branded themed amusement parks and attractions in various roles and ultimately as executives with total P&L reponsibilities in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Examples of branded property management are Six Flags, Bush Gardens, Sea World, Sesame Place, Starparks Movie World, Al Hokair Land, Reino Adventura and  Mtatsminda Park. Core Competencies Facility management, operations, marketing, show productions, retail, skill games, arcades, food and beverage, maintenance, finance, change management, expansion, specialist project management, training, organizational development,  special events and executive  search.   Themed Amusement  Parks Our team has spent many years on the ground managing,  operating, expanding and refurbishing large regional,  national and international branded themed amusement parks  and attractions.  © 2011 Leisure Consultants LLC - - +971 (0) 7243 3164  - Design by Help is just a phone call away! Theme Parks Waterparks Resort Attractions Retail Entertainment Sea Life Attractions