© 2011 Leisure Consultants LLC - info@leisure-consultants.com - +971 (0) 7243 3164  - Design by SPDC.biz Our Practice Leisure Consultants FZ LLC is a team of professionals who have dedicated lifetimes to developing, operating and revitalizing successful leisure entertainment facilities of all sizes and scope around the world. We have extensive experience with indoor and outdoor locations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, India, Americas and Europe. The group organized in 2008 forming a speciality service company to guide developers through the process of concept design, project management and business operations for new leisure entertainment projects.  Leisure Consultants specializes in market and feasibility analysis; warranted investment derivation; and design day analysis as well. We also service existing venues with revitalization programs, operational audits, marketing analysis, operations risk management assessment, organizational development, executive search services, and more in addition to market evaluation of leisure entertainment facilities property values. Help is just a phone call away! Theme Parks Waterparks Resort Attractions Retail Entertainment Sea Life Attractions